Blackburn, Dayblazer 1100 and Dayblazer 65, Light, Set, Black, Set

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DAYBLAZER 1100 Front Light.
No tools required.
Lithium-ion battery.
Waterproof to IP-67 standard.
5 hour recharge time.
Dual Beam Pattern.
LED Charge Indicator.
Runtime: High 1.5hrs (1100 lumen), Medium 2hrs (800 lumen), Low 3 hrs (400 lumen).
Runtime: Pulse/Strobe: 7hrs (200 lumen)/12 hrs (200 lumen).
DAYBLAZER 65 Rear Light.
Charging cable included, no tools required.
Lithium Polymer battery.
Waterproof to IP-67 standard.
TIR Lenses.
LED Fuel Gauge/Charge Indicator.
Polycarbonite Construction.
2 hour recharge time.
Runtime: Solid 1.5hrs (50 lumen), Pulse/Strobe 3hrs (65 lumen).

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