Blackburn, Wayside, Multi-Tool, 19 functions

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19 functions.
Individual Hex Keys: “L” bend with ball end to get into funky places: 2, 2.5, 3, 4 and 5mm sizes.
Knife Blade: Locking and serrated for your pleasure.
Chain Tool: 7–11 speed compatible.
Chain Assembly Hook: To assist in chain repair.
Disc Brake Pad Spreader: Easily resets disc brake pads.
8mm Hex: With hollow core that will accept loose hex keys to provide additional leverage.
Torx Keys: Essential for modern bikes: T25, T30 sizes.
Spoke Wrenches: Located on the chain tool handle: #0, #1 and #2 sizes.
Presta Valve Core Tool: Reinstalls or tightens tube valve core.
Flat Head Screwdriver.
200g / 0.44lbs

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