E*thirteen LG1 Plus tire, 29" x 2.35

SKU 128531
- Same construction as TRS tires but with Dual Ply, engineered to maximize traction in extreme conditions at race speeds
- Features: side knobs with accordion sipes for control at extreme lean angles, Apex inserts for pinch flat protection, perpendicular sipes for breaking, reinforced center casing ribs, firmer center tread, ramped center knobs, parallel sipes on center knobs for stability, and angled sipes on side knobs for cornering traction
- Designed at a true 2.35" width and optimized for modern inner rim widths of 24-31mm
- Both Race and Plus tires use a slow rebound, tacky rubber throughout the tire, but the Race version uses high-tack rubber on the side knobs to maximize cornering and off camber grip
- Excellent for use in rocks and roots, loose to soft soils, wet to dry to slippery conditions

UPC: 4710751504356
EAN: 4710751504356
Manufacturer Part Number: TR2LPA-101

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