GravityDropper Turbo LP 5" seatpost, 30.9 x 425mm

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- Unlike the Classic, the Turbo does not require tapping the seat to raise it from the down-to-up position
- LP (Low Profile) unit allows for 1/4" greater insertion into frame over previous Turbo models, is designed to run backwards and uses more flexible housing for better cable routing
- Remote lever makes it easy to adjust saddle height without stopping
- Standard models have two positions, fully dropped or fully extended
- Multi-position models have three positions, fully dropped, partially dropped, or fully extended. 513g (27.2x375)
- Right-hand remote clamp. Left-hand remote switch available separately, use GV-9010
- Made in USA

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Manufacturer Part Number: 30.9 TLP 5" 425R STD

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