Kogel Bearings 14/14T Hybrid Ceramic Pulley Set SRAM 12, Cross - Blk

SKU 144501
- A fresh look at pulley design maximizing pulley size and improving padaling performance for any derailleur
- Redesigned shape of the pulley teeth now give better chain retention and accurate shifts every time
- Updates to newest version include: Increased stiffness using A-Shaped pillars between the bearings and teeth, maximized tooth count for every derailleur helps deliver optimal drivetrain performance, and enhanced visual design achieves a more cohesive look across the different models
- Road seal version runs with uber-efficient minimal contact seals to achieve the lowest friction
- Cross seal versions are built for leaving the beaten path, offering the best durability, regardless of the weather conditions
- Sold as pair

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Manufacturer Part Number: PUL-1414-EAGLE-C

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