Park Tool BBP-1 Bottom Bracket Bearing Press Set

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SKU 120510
- Quickly and accurately installs bottom bracket bearings into press fit-type bottom bracket shells
- Quick release design for fast tool installation and removal
- 12 precisio
-machined bushings (in 6 sizes) to fit Shimano Press Fit, PF41, BB121, BB86, BB92, Press Fit 24, Press Fit GXP, BB30, BBright Direct Fit, BB90, BB95, PF30 BBright Press Fit, 386EVO, OSBB, BMX Mid and BMX Spanish bottom bracket bearings
- Works on bottom bracket shell widths from 68mm to 150mm

UPC: 763477000811
EAN: Not available
Manufacturer Part Number: BBP-1
TL8799 PK5537 610172

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