Rock Shox Maxle-Ultimate Road Q/R 12x100mm T-A kit

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- Maxle-DH utilizes a wrench-access wedge closure/security system, thus does not include Q/R-style lever
- Quick release thru-axle assemblies include complete Q/R-style lever, axle, and wedge/spring assembly
- 35/40mm Chassis include: Domain, Lyrik, Totem (see Maxle-DH for BoXXer)
- 32mm Chassis include: Argyle, Pike, Reba, Recon, Revelation, Sektor, Tora
- Hub/fork spacing: 20x110mm (20mm) or 15x100mm (15mm)
- Dropout threads are not replaceable (only available with lower legs)

UPC: 710845768071
EAN: Not available
Manufacturer Part Number: 00.4318.005.005
RS3580 FK4521

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