SRAM Red 22 Chainring Bolt Set Fits Force 22 and Rival 22~ 5 bolts 4 nuts 1

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- DualHex kits: 5mm-broach bolts with 6mm-broach nuts for secure 2-wrench assembly
- Triple kit can be used on 5-arm or 4-arm mountain/road cranks (includes 5 inner chainring bolts in addition to middle/outer bolt/nut set)
- Double kits designed for 5-arm road crank applications (steel kit includes washers)
- XX/X0/X9/X7 versions do not use nuts due to direct-thread design into outer chainring and inner spider interface (XX use a Torx-T25 broach)

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UPC: 710845711343
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Manufacturer Part Number: 11.6918.000.001
TV3918 CR2459

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